About Us

A warm welcome to everyone here at Liquor World, as we have now reopened at Richmond BC, after pulling through the sudden knock of Covid-19. We are super thrilled to turn a fresh page and start anew.

We are resolved to attend to every customer with flawless service and very personalized recommendations aptly fitting their taste and wallet in this exciting endeavour. We seek to assure you of a friendly, welcoming ambiance where you can feel completely satisfied after purchase. Don't think twice to approach us with any doubts or queries. Our staff is a spirited lot, always keen to assist you with anything.


We are back with a huge collection of premium liquors and delicate fine wines. We are always stocked up on every classy brand of beer from classic lagers and ales to porters and sours. 

At Liquor World, we treasure quality. Instead of showcasing anything and everything on earth, we curate superior quality products from local brewers and wineries who are incredibly passionate about their craft. 


Besides trying to elevate our locally crafted beers and wines, we seek and curate authentic superior quality spirits from all over the globe. The bottom line is that we try to comprise a wide variety, without compromising a certain standard, to make sure that you come back happy.

We tend to focus on continuously updating our selection to meet every customer's needs, along with our specially handpicked items you haven't tried yet. Feel free to visit us on any occasion; we cater to every demand.


Whether it is for your personal collection, for a dinner date or a gift, an office party or just another Saturday night, here at Liquor World, you will find the right flavor and brand in keeping with every mood and moment.


We are a private liquor store in Richmond, BC. As we continuously strive to improve the customer experience, you can note that we have ample parking space in front of our store.

Our prompt customer service is extremely efficient in dealing with any issues you face regarding our products. Browse our website for specially drafted guides for buying wines, liquors and beers if you are looking for a bit of in-depth knowledge.

It's even better if you join us soon in person to experience some insightful conversations and a merry time buying your favorite liquor. Hope to see you there!